A MUD server, used to create text-based multiplayer social & roleplaying games.

What is PennMUSH?

PennMUSH is a freely available MUD-style server that provides a form of textual virtual reality. It maintains a persistent world database containing players, objects, rooms, exits, and programs. People connect to the server and take on characters in the virtual world, interacting with other players from around the (real) world. Common activities include game playing, role-playing, socializing, world-building, etc. These servers have also been used for education, research, and artistic endeavors.

Want to try it out? You can use a browser-based client to connect to a game called M*U*S*H without installing any software. We're friendly, stop in and say hi!

PennMUSH has an active team of developers/maintainers, and has been under continuous improvement since its first release in 1992! The current release is 1.8.7p0 made on August 10, 2018.

How can I run my own PennMUSH?

PennMUSH runs on almost any UNIX derivative, including Linux and OS X, as well as Windows. You can find the source code on GitHub, or download a specific release. Once you have a copy of the files, follow the installation instructions.

If you don't have a server to run PennMUSH on, or don't know how to compile programs from source code, there are several commercial services that can help you. Stop by M*U*S*H (see below) and ask for advice.

How can I get help with PennMUSH?

The flagship game for PennMUSH development is M*U*S*H, a social game that you can connect to via a browser-based client or via telnet at port 4201.

The issues page is where bugs should be reported.

Server documentation can be read here.

If you're looking for information on making your own changes to the source, the community site has some information and the source documentation has API details.

How can I find other MUSHes to play?

There's a whole bulletin board on M*U*S*H full of game advertisements run by people who would love for you to check out their game! Log on to M*U*S*H and type +bbread 7 to see the list, and +bbread 7/1, for example, to read post #1. You can also ask other M*U*S*H players to recommend a game.